3 Technologies Required to Navigate the Intricacies of Remote Recruitment

We’re officially living in a digital world. While the pandemic hasn’t subsided yet, 87% of employers surveyed by SHRM said that they will continue, or begin to, embrace a flexible hybrid work model. With that comes a new way of interviewing and recruiting top talent. What does that mean exactly? It means embracing digitization and deploying technology that allows you to connect and build relationships with candidates regardless of physical location. Here are a few tools we think are critical to navigating the intricacies of the remote work world:

Video Conferencing Platforms

We are now beyond the standard phone screenings of days past. However, when interviewing candidates who aren’t coming to the office in person, you don’t want to miss the non-verbal communication that is key to determining fit and capability. After the pandemic, it’s essential to embrace all the video conferencing platforms available to you. In fact, since 2020, there has been a 535% increase in daily video conferencing traffic as over three-quarters of employees use conferencing at work. From Google Meet to Zoom to WebEx, each of these platforms provide unique capabilities to allow you to connect “face-to-face” with your top candidates.

Applicant Tracking System

If you have yet to adopt an applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s time. Over 95% of Fortune 500 companies use one to streamline their hiring process to ensure simplified SOPs for their team and give candidates a positive interview experience. These talent acquisition and recruiting software allows recruiters and human resources teams to weed through applications through automation, track hiring tasks and pipelines, nurture top talent with personalized campaigns, use analytics to enhance hiring practices, and so much more.

Automated Interview Scheduling Software

Finally, you need automated interview scheduling software. Once you have your ATS in place, this is the next step to a fully streamlined hiring process. That’s where Rooster comes in! Our automated scheduling has allowed teams to save time, decrease time to hire duration and increase collaboration across global teams. Now that many teams operate globally, Rooster features like automatic time zone and translations, candidate self-scheduling, and SMS reminders allow teams to decrease scheduling time across multiple time zones more simply. Throughout the process, you work with tools that we’ve discussed, like Zoom and Workday ATS, to ensure your hiring process has no gaps. In fact, the top ATS for Fortune 500’s is Workday. Why is that important? Rooster is designed specifically for Workday with easy integration and seamless 2-way communication between tools. Not only does it help your team, it improves your candidate experience so you can attract top talent!

Rooster is Ready to Help You Recruit Top Talent Remotely

Remote and hybrid work and recruiting will only grow in the future. And if your company isn’t adopting these flexible work options, you may miss out on up to 70% of qualified candidates. Now is the time to push your organization ahead and capitalize on this new era. Want to start streamlining your interview process to work seamlessly in a remote world? Schedule a personalized demo to see how Rooster for Workday can help you navigate and excel at remote recruitment.

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