3 Tips for Overcoming Recruitment Pushback When it Comes to the Return to the Office

ADP released a study in April 2022 that uncovered the general trends of the world of work at that time. It comes as no surprise that nearly 65% of employees would seek alternate employment opportunities if their company required them to come back to the office full-time. In fact, over half would actually take a pay cut if it meant they could adopt a hybrid work scenario. So, if you’re a business that still requires employees to come into the office full-time (or even part-time), how do you combat the inevitable question of, “Do I have to come to the office every day?” knowing that it may lose you top talent.

Offer Incentives Before & During Employment

Team members need perks other than a 40-minute commute to listen to their favorite podcast daily. Spoiler alert: That’s not a perk for most people. People are prioritizing reclaiming their time and energy and restoring their values. With this, you need to meet them in a place that provides value.

A few things you can do:

  • Consider offering sign-on bonuses to attract top talent.
  • Offer meals, gas cards, daycare stipends, etc. – things that will save them time, money, and valuable resources, to the point it makes coming in “worthwhile” for them.
  • Add greater PTO in the form of mental health days, personal days, etc. This way, you’re valuing health and wellness and realizing that sometimes, people do need a break from the office, and that’s okay!
  • Allow team members to bring pets in for one day a week. Cute puppies definitely boost the overall mood in the office!
  • Cultivate a wellness program that provides gym access, group fitness options during lunch (even something as simple as chair yoga), discounts to local organic grocery stores, financial wellness courses, or access to a complimentary financial planner. This goes a long way during recruitment and with current employees! In fact, Virgin Pulse found that a solid health and wellness program increases your competitive edge when it comes to candidates too.

Now with those incentives, you need to make that known during the interview process. Add an automated email that can be sent to your candidates after their first successful interview that explains the unrivaled perks you offer in turn for in-personattendance.

Move Quickly So You Don’t Lose Top Talent to the Competition

Because so many companies are competing for top talent these days, a lot are offering great perks outlined above. So, if you’re not capturing a candidate’s attention before your competition, you have a much greater chance of losing them.

By automating your interview scheduling, you can avoid bottlenecks and keep the interview process moving swiftly. This way, you can engage and impress before your competition even has a chance!

Embrace Flexibility in Some Way, Shape, or Form

Flexibility is a buzzword in the HR world today for good reason. It’s one of the top, if not the most important deciding factor, when it comes to candidate job selection. Harvard Business Review recently shared, “In the U.S., employees expect flexibility within their job as much as they expect a 401(k).” And they aren’t wrong.

So, even if you need the team to be on-site, allow them to work flexible hours depending on childcare, appointments, etc. Maybe offer a 4-day workweek, which would also fall under the incentives tip from earlier. Choose something that will work for your business and its people, and stick to it.

With that, during the recruitment process, show those values. Only allow scheduling on certain days for a manager who takes off time to care for their child. Provide simple text rescheduling with no questions asked, showing that you trust candidates to bring their full selves to the interview, even if that means being flexible and postponing. Being flexible doesn’t have to mean letting your team work from anywhere. But it does mean leading with empathy and a little bit of give and take.

With Rooster Technology, You Can Communicate with Candidates More Clearly

The automation features allow your recruitment team to send cohesive, on-brand emails to candidates with ultimate transparency and ease of communication right off the bat. From the moment they submit their resume and get selected for an interview, you can keep them in the loop about what to expect. You can also showcase that flexibility and empower your candidates in an instant. Let’s chat so we can show you how!

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