3 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Apply for Open Roles

The good news? The job market is recovering. The bad news? The quit rate is still at a 20-year high as of July 2022, with the “Great Resignation” still going strong. While businesses are finally confident enough to put those long-awaited job requisitions out there, that’s just the beginning of the constant hiring struggle plaguing many businesses today. Well over half of recruiters have said that this year, the talent shortage is their biggest struggle. Over 75% of hiring managers simply can’t get the right talent in the door.

So, what do you do as an organization to remedy that? You start creating strategies to attract top talent to your recruitment pipeline.

Here are a few ways you can start doing that today.

Work on Your Unique Value Proposition (+ Put it Everywhere)

What makes your business different? Why does your team remain engaged and excited on the daily? Take those things and turn it into a campaign featuring the UVP that is going to get top talent to apply to your open roles over your competition.

The top things candidates are seeking today include:

  • Flexible work schedules & locales
  • Fair compensation
  • Plush benefits
  • Focus on diversity & inclusion
  • Data-driven recruitment process

Take these factors that contribute to your UVP and ensure they’re laying the foundation of your employer brand on your website, social, job posts, interview strategies, etc. Once word of mouth gets started about what a great company you are, the right people will start applying.

How do we know this works? There are plenty of examples.

One great instance is Dan Price, Founder/CEO of Gravity Payments who just had a post go viral on LinkedIn.

He shared, “My company pays an $80k min wage, lets people work wherever they want, has full benefits, paid parental leave, etc.

We get over 300 applicants per job.

‘No one wants to work’ is a hell of a way of saying ‘companies won’t pay workers a fair wage and treat them with respect.’”

So, if you don’t have these UVP factors to boast right now, this is where you want to shift your focus

Cater Your Job Descriptions to Your Target Candidate

A lot of businesses use the same standardized template for all open roles, tweaking small details to make it work for the open requisition.

But what would happen if you made the job description fun, engaging, accessible, and catered to the personality and skills of the ideal candidate for that job?

We’ll tell you. You’d get more applicants.

Think about it this way. A software developer is going to resonate with a job description that’s analytical and straightforward. Whereas a content creator is going to love creative language and fun words. Use this to your advantage!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Keep it short & sweet.
  • Use engaging & professional verbiage catered to candidate personas.
  • Share compensation information (top talent loves compensation transparency).
  • Feature your UVP and company culture (you can even link to a video to share this).

Yes, it will take more time. But the rewards will outweigh the costs with the caliber of candidates you’re attracting to your talent pipeline.

Engage on Social Media

Now, although people have been talking about doing this for a while, not many teams actually leverage social as a hiring tool. Here are a few ways you can start utilizing social media for recruitment:

  • Encourage your HR team to get involved in content creation for social.
  • Start an internal challenge with rewards and points systems to encourage employees to share about their job and open roles on personal and professional channels.
  • Have recruiters join specific groups and seek out the right talent based on the questions they’re asking and conversations they’re engaging in.

There are so many options!

After They’re in the Pipeline, How Do You Engage Them & Fill the Role?

Forbes shared that candidates are seeking a data-driven and technology-driven recruitment process. Implement these enhancements at your company and leverage these processes to engage throughout the recruitment pipeline. Check out a few ways to do this in our recent blog on empowering candidates in a self-service world!

Not only will this help engage the right talent for your company, but it’ll also make the process seamless for your team.

If you want to learn more about how you can leverage your interview process and company brand to attract top talent, let’s schedule a personalized demo to show you the potential.

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