3 Ways to Break Down Organizational Silos with Rooster

Every organization has their quirks. And in most cases, they all have their silos. Teams that can’t seem to work together cohesively, each with their own software and processes, each with their own way of sharing information. When it comes to recruiting and organizational silos, they simply don’t work. Human resources and recruiting is the heart of every organization. It’s what builds strong teams and brings people together. That all begins with the recruitment process and how the HR department interacts internally, as well as externally with stakeholders like the hiring manager and their department.

Types of Organizational Silos Affecting the Recruiting Process

When working with Rooster clients to implement Rooster’s innovative scheduling integration for Workday, there are the three issues we saw most frequently that impacted the efficiency and efficacy of the recruiting process:

  • 1. The human resources coordinators were operating completely separately while sharing the same resources including conference rooms or even the same hiring manager’s schedule.
  • 2. Human resource coordinators are often younger employees. So, their confidence level when following up with higher level management team members wasn’t always the strongest. They felt like they were creating tension by managing up and forcing C-Suite to answer their emails to schedule interviews.
  • 3. This is a biggie. Their software didn’t integrate. Instead, their recruiting teams had to flip back and forth between three or more software solutions and platforms to schedule one single interview. Wasting time, money, and complicating the interview process both for the internal stakeholders and the candidates.

Now, here’s how Rooster can help fix those three major organizational silos for greater success…

Increase Visibility Across Departments

When your recruiting coordinators and hiring managers are working off of totally different platforms, communication gets difficult, and mistakes can be made. When you give your entire recruiting team and hiring team access to view the specific parts of the process, they gain the access they need to streamline communication throughout the hiring process. This way, if a team member is out, there’s no questions about where things are at in the process and other people can pick up the ball right where it left off. It also makes training new coordinators simple and stress-free.

Decrease Tension During Scheduling Follow-Ups

With automated email reminders, it’s no longer the responsibility of your team to do manual follow ups with internal stakeholders, or candidates. Our Rooster automated email reminders effectively encourage quicker response times, enable more streamlined communication, all while enhancing the overall experience for all stakeholders and candidates. It also just frees up your recruiting team’s time to focus on other mission critical tasks! A win-win!

Integrate All Required Software Into One Seamless Recruitment Process

Now, problematic silos don’t just happen between teams. It can be software based too. One of our clients, Pluralsight, was using three different software solutions to manually schedule interviews. They used Trello, Google Calendars, and Workday’s native scheduling software. Now, initially, none of those solutions spoke to each other. So, the coordinators had to manually check availability, then schedule, then go to Trello to make sure everyone was on the same page. And that’s the simplified version. Now, with Rooster, all those solutions are seamlessly integrated, so the process is automated, and all those platforms talk to one another for easy scheduling, rescheduling, and follow-up across all software, team members, and it’s easy for the candidates, too!

Let Rooster Help Your Team Reach the Next Level by Breaking Down Barriers

Rooster’s main goal is to make interview scheduling and recruiting easier for all levels of the organization. And that starts by breaking down the barriers and silos standing in the way of organizational efficiency. Working with Rooster, your team can completely revamp your hiring process in as little as four weeks. Want to know how? Schedule a personalized demo where our expert will break it down for you step-by-step.

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