5 Reasons Why Your Team Needs Video Interviews in Your Recruitment Process

The pandemic changed a lot of things, and one of those things is how we hire. The way you managed your recruitment process prior to the pandemic is not one that is likely going to yield top talent moving forward. So how do you adapt your recruitment process to be more innovative, equitable, and productive for this new era of work? One way our clients have seen great success is video interviews with video conferencing tools.

You Can Use Video in Different Ways

Now, there are a few ways you can look at the term “video interviewing”. The first would be your newly popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet that are used to conduct live video interviews with candidates. This is mostly what we’ll focus on here today, however it isn’t the only way.

You could use video interviewing to skip the screening calls and save your recruitment team time. Give each candidate a prompt and have them submit a video that recaps their qualifications, why they’re interested in your company, what they love about the role they’re interviewing for, what makes them different, etc. and submit via an automated email prompt that can be sent with a tool like Rooster. Then, you can assign the video to a recruiter to watch. After watching, the recruiter can either decline the candidate with a customizable automated email or go to scheduling an interview with the candidate and hiring manager(s) a different click of a button. This is just one unique way you can integrate video interviewing into your recruitment process to save time and money. Rooster can help make things much simpler for your team!

Streamlines High Volume Recruitment Without Disrupting Workflow

Okay, so now focusing on video interviews in terms of video conferencing tools. The first reason it needs to be a part of your recruitment process is it streamlines high volume recruitment without added time. When it comes to interviewing for roles like factory floor workers or a whole new team that’s being added, the hiring manager will have to meet with many candidates. When doing that in-person, things can get a little trickier. Schedules are harder to manage, you can’t fit as many in as you need to leave that buffer so that candidates aren’t passing each other in and out of the room. But with video interviews, they can seamlessly be scheduled back-to-back in chunks of time where the hiring manager has availability. Saving everyone time and effort!

Gain a Better Sense of the Candidate’s Nature & Create Stronger Connections

When compared to a phone interview or non-video interview that is standard for many initial recruitment calls in today’s remote era, video allows you to create a stronger connection with your candidate. Seeing the individual “face-to-face” through the screen gives a better idea of their disposition, may help to calm their nerves seeing your excitement about the company, and provides a more comfortable environment for small talk which is important for getting to know the candidate!

Provides Cost Reduction Opportunity

Time equals money. This is a foundational business principle. So, when you’re speeding up your interview process by using video rather than in-person interviews, you’re in turn, reducing time to hire. In fact, video interviews have been shown to reduce time to hire by about 50% or more.

Your Company Will Engage & Impress Top Talent

A hybrid workforce is becoming the new norm post-pandemic. So when you’re company starts to embrace hybrid or virtual interviews as your standard, it will show that you’re embracing trends, allowing flexibility, and value technology. These are all things that are important to top talent, so it’s important that you focus on that during your interview process!

Rooster Integrates with Video Conferencing Tools Seamlessly

Video interviewing is the way of the future. And if your human resources software doesn’t have the capability to seamlessly schedule and provide the tools to execute an interview all-in-one, you’re wasting time and valuable resources. Rooster’s innovative automated scheduling software solution allows recruiters to schedule, postpone, and conduct interviews with just the click of a button. Integrations include video conferencing leaders like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco WebEx so you don’t have to re-work your current interview process, just enhance it with simpler scheduling. Schedule a personalized consultation to learn how you can seamlessly integrate video conferencing into your hiring process today!

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