5 Rooster Features That Will Help Your Recruiting Team Achieve Work Life Balance

The good majority of U.S. employees, 83% to be exact, report that they suffer from work-related stress. And in a day and age, living amid a pandemic, it’s inevitable that those rates may in fact be even higher. That work-related stress may just be seen as the norm, and in management it’s easy to just shrug it off and attribute it to the trade. But, in reality, stress is costing companies over $300 billion dollars a year and over $190 billion a year in healthcare costs. Stressed out employees take more sick days, their productivity decreases, work produced is scattered with errors because they aren’t mentally there, they may jump ship for greener pastures—the list goes on.

So, as a company, what can you do to ensure that your recruiting team achieve positive work life balance and avoid burnout?

You can give them the tools necessary to streamline processes, automate tasks, and simple software solutions that allow them the capability to log on from anywhere and also log off while easily passing the task to a colleague without the need for lengthy explanations.

And you know what? Rooster can help with all those things! Here’s how:

Multi-Technology Capabilities with Seamless Integrations

One of the biggest pain points of any growing company is having software solutions that don’t speak to one another. Manually having to flip back and forth between calendars, email, etc. wastes time and keeps recruiters at their desk for longer hours than necessary. Rooster for Workday integrates directly with your office suite, G Suite or Office 365, so that everything needed throughout the recruitment process can be found with just the click of a button in one user-friendly interface.

Global Recruiting Features to Take Out the Guessing Games

If your team is now hiring remotely, that likely means your physical boundaries no longer limit the candidates who can apply. Whether your company was already global pre-pandemic or is now going global with the new future of remote and hybrid work, that adds a layer of complication. Rooster helps by automatically detecting time zone and assumed language based upon location data and converts invitation time zones accordingly. So, your team doesn’t have to do the math themselves. Time and energy saved!

Candidate Self-Scheduling to Free Up Recruiter Time

Phone tag slows down a lot of things during the recruiting process. Candidate and hiring manager self-scheduling allow for some of that back-and-forth to be eliminated. And if someone doesn’t respond, and automated reminder will be sent their way—the recruiter doesn’t have to pick up the phone and call them!

Customizable Templates Automated for Greater Success & Engagement

Personalized correspondence increases the chance of top talent signing on for an interview with your team. In fact, two-thirds of candidates said a personalized initial outreach would make them much more likely to go through the process. With Rooster’s easily customizable templates your team can customize with the click of a button, rather than manually personalizing every email which is far too time consuming during high volume recruiting.

Analytics to Evaluate, Regroup, and Improve

Things not going smoothly? The numbers will usually tell you why. If one team member isn’t pulling their weight with delayed responses, you’ll be able to tell immediately to remedy the issues, provide education, and improve!

Invest in Your Team When You Invest in Rooster for Workday

Only 43% of employees think that their employers care about their work-life balance. In a day and age where employee engagement is critical for retention, that needs to be much higher to avoid turnover.

Set your team up for success with a tool like Rooster for Workday. Ultimately, when workflows are streamlined and processes are made simpler with automation, your team will be able to get out the door on time, without losing productivity.

Schedule a personalized demo today to see how we can make your team’s lives easier to give them back the work-life balance they deserve. Remember, well-rested and satisfied employees are better for business—good company culture can increase revenue by 4x!

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