Actionable Intelligence: Leveraging Analytics for Hiring Success

Make data-driven decisions that optimize your recruitment process.

It’s no secret that an organization’s most valuable asset is its employees, regardless of what industry you’re in. Having the right people in the right roles increases employee retention and satisfaction, saves you time and money, allows you to achieve your bigger business goals, and contributes to a healthy workplace culture.

Suffice to say, much of a company’s success relies on its recruitment. If you’re able to attract top talent only to lose them at one point or another of your hiring process, it might be time to take a closer look at your numbers to identify areas for improvement. Your metrics don’t lie and, when leveraged properly, can lead to actionable, data-driven insights that ensure meaningful growth for your business.

Here are a few key areas that you should focus on:


Access and Visibility 

A major pain point for most companies is the ability to see and track the interview status of candidates, as well as having that information easily accessible to the entire talent acquisition team. Automating this process is the only cost-efficient, error-free solution, and will help identify any bottlenecks that are holding your team back from maximum productivity.


Process Improvement 

More than recognizing the most efficient members of your team (which is fantastic for morale), tracking metrics like time to hire, time to fill, response rates, and overall scheduling time allows you to identify areas for improvement in your workflows, as well as any team members who may need additional training and support. Knowing where and what the gaps in your process are will also allow you to create specific plans or training modules to address them.

Arming yourself with internal team data sets you up for the successful tracking of other metrics such as the best interview times, optimal recruitment periods, and which teams are getting the best results in order to implement these best practices across your entire department. 

Knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change based on your company’s specific data will allow you to increase efficiency, productivity, and ensures that you are able to secure top talent by enhancing and streamlining the experience for your candidates and schedulers.


Efficient Communication

With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep every candidate engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. Efficient communication – that is, communication that is clear, constant, and consistent – helps to keep candidates informed and invested. Automated communication can help maintain consistency while also streamlining your process. With Rooster’s features, you can leverage standard communication templates and all methods of communication, from SMS, email, and Rooster’s Microsoft Teams Bot.

Another key strategy to achieving efficient communication is empowering candidates themselves to take control of the scheduling process. Rooster’s self-service rescheduling and interview preferences calendar make for easy scheduling, and help make the process more efficient for all parties involved. Automatic timezone and language recognition ensure that your company doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to hire top talent from around the world.


Your 1-click hiring solution

Rooster, the perfect Workday hiring companion, makes data-driven analytics and insight easy.

Rooster’s easy to read analytics dashboard gives you instant visibility on your top schedulers, interviewers with the best response rates, reasons for cancellations/rescheduling for both candidate and scheduler, average response times, and much, much more. Our platform also allows you to select date ranges and export data as CSV or PDF files for easy reporting.

Ready to perfect your hiring process and grow your business? Start doing more with less with Rooster and experience immediate cost savings!

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