Are Your Candidates (or Hiring Managers) Ghosting During the Interview Process? Here’s How to Fix That.

Earlier this year, Forbes and Indeed reported that ghosting during the hiring process has hit “crisis levels”. And contrary to popular belief, it’s happening on the employer side as well, not just the candidate side of things.

Are you feeling the impact of ghosting in your hiring process? If so, you surely aren’t alone. But the positive is, there are ways to fix it. The key is automation and clear communication—both of which Rooster can help your team achieve.

What is Ghosting During the Interview Process?

Now, ghosting is a colloquial term for essentially blowing someone off or disappearing with no communication or heads up. This can happen in a few ways during the interview process.

One, a candidate can simply not respond to a request for an interview or not show up for an interview that’s scheduled. Indeed found that nearly 30% had ghosted a company during the interview process.

Two, an employer may not follow-up after an initial conversation about the role with the candidate should they think they aren’t the right fit. In fact, 77% of job seekers reported being ghosted by a potential employer and 73% of employers reported ghosting a candidate since COVID started—that’s a major issue.

Three, a hiring manager can not respond to a candidate interview or may forget to show up to a virtual interview.

While there are probably more scenarios for ghosting during the interview process, these are the top ones that are causing candidate and employer frustration, as well as increased time to fill.

So how do you fix it? Here are a few Rooster capabilities that could solve your ghosting problem once and for all!

Easy-to-Use ATS with Simple Integrations

We’re all human and human resources teams have a lot to manage when it comes to the hiring process. That’s why implementing an easy applicant tracking system like Workday that integrates with existing platforms like Office 365 or G Suite will help your team not drop the ball. It can help weed out applicants who may not be a good fit, as well as streamline interview scheduling with easy access to the candidate profile with resume and other important details within Rooster which is easily integrated with a few clicks.

Customizable Email Templates to Build an Automated Interview Communication Pipeline

Within Rooster you can build your own personalized, branded email templates and build a communication pipeline for every step of the interview process. This way, candidates won’t be ghosted when a recruiter forgets to manually send an email after a screening call and every candidate will receive the same, streamlined interview experience. Without added stress on your internal team.

Automated Email Reminders

Hiring managers are busy. They’re trying to balance their workload, the added workload of having open requisitions, and interviewing. They sometimes miss an email or two. So automated email reminders can be set up for your company’s interview process so that if they forget to respond to a request for an interview, they’ll receive a reminder. They can also receive reminders for interviews on the calendar, and they’ll automatically be added to their calendar to avoid ghosting at the virtual interview itself.

SMS Communication Options

For some individuals who are interviewing for manufacturing or retail positions, they may simply not have access to email throughout the day as they’re not at a computer working all day. This makes it difficult for them to respond quickly and after a long day, they may simply forget to log on and schedule on their computer. Rooster’s SMS communication option allows you to meet your candidates where they’re at. These flexible communication methods allow them to accept or decline interviews or reschedule right from their mobile phone.

Candidate Self-Scheduling & Rescheduling

Making the candidate’s experience simple when scheduling their interview is a good way to make a great first impression. Plus, it will allow them to hold accountability for their experience, rather than putting all the pressure on your team. With Rooster, candidates can schedule their own interviews and reschedule with the click of a button. The automated processes will then prompt your hiring managers to respond, too, for streamlined communication and faster response times!

Access to Hiring Analytics

At what point in your hiring process is the ghosting happening? With the ability to access a playful “Wall of Shame” for those recruiters whose response time is, let’s say, lacking, you’ll be able to see where this problem is arising and fix it.

Let Rooster Help Your Company Eliminate Ghosting for Good

So, are you ready to let Rooster help you fix your ghosting problem? Schedule a personalized demo today to experience how we can help your team streamline and elevate your hiring process.

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