Beyond Mere Automation: 3 Things to Consider When Implementing New Scheduling Software

In today’s dynamic recruitment landscape, the hiring process has evolved far beyond the tedious methods of the past. The introduction of interview scheduling software has revolutionized how companies streamline their hiring processes. While its primary function is to electronically arrange interview schedules, this unique technology offers a wealth of additional benefits that can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment. Discover the untapped potential of interview scheduling software and how it can transform your hiring strategy.

Integration, the Key to Real Results

Many companies solely seek automation choosing an interview scheduling software. However, proper integration can make a world of difference, which is crucial at a time when the cost of poor software integrations has risen over the last three years, resulting in $500,000 to $1,000,000 in lost revenue per year. And this is only what can be tracked – annual losses might be even higher, depending on the company’s analytics and data collection. 

Seamless integration with your existing applicant tracking system, like Workday Recruiting,  can eliminate the need for manual data entry and paper shuffling. This means that once interviews are scheduled and the interviewers are getting acquainted with the candidate, there’s no folder filled with resumes and documents to track down. Innovative solutions like Rooster allow for fewer clicks and touch points with customizable communication templates that can include attachments. Each step of the process also writes back into Workday to keep all your recruiting information in one place! You can also easily add Interview Teams from deployed job requisitions to save even more time while ensuring higher accuracy.

Calendar Syncing Made Easy

The average hiring process takes around 44 days, making every minute crucial. Inefficient use of time often translates to unnecessary costs, both in terms of money spent and lost opportunities. What recruiters often don’t talk about is how they usually spend a significant amount of time managing the schedules of hiring managers, whether it’s figuring out when they’re available and when they’re not, or needing to reschedule after they forget about that bi-weekly management meeting they always have (we know you know what we’re talking about).

Consider a solution that integrates with your current calendar and conferencing platforms to increase productivity. This is a very common pain point and can easily be addressed by Rooster’s Interviewer Preferences. Completely eliminating the back and forth to find an open time slot, hiring managers can set their availability, giving recruiters visibility and candidates the ability to self-schedule interviews within predetermined time slots. This streamlines the process, and frees up valuable recruiter time for more strategic tasks.

Keeping User Data Protected

Data breaches are a growing concern, with the Identity Theft Resource Center reporting that cyberattacks continue to be the most frequently reported cause of data breaches, putting cloud-hosted data at risk. 

Protecting sensitive candidate information is paramount, which Rooster fully understands. It prioritizes your organization’s security through industry-leading SSO/Security technology integration capabilities for Microsoft Azure, Okta, and Ping Identity. These enterprise-grade security features seamlessly integrate into your Workday Recruiting platform. Rooster is also the only interview scheduling solution fully backed by Office 365 GovCloud and GDPR compliance.

This helps ensure your data remains secure and protected from cyber threats, demonstrating your commitment to candidate privacy from the very first interaction. 

While automation is a significant advantage of interview scheduling solutions, it’s important to consider other key factors to maximize efficiency and security in your hiring process. Ready to determine the best approach to your unique scheduling challenges? Schedule a demo today to learn more about Rooster’s unique technology to take your recruiting process to new heights! 

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