Candidate Experience is Important, But What About Your Hiring Managers?

More often than not, managers aren’t thrilled to be interviewing new candidates. Let’s just be frank. Usually, when managers are conducting interviews, it means that turnover has occurred, and they’re picking up the slack for a short-staffed team. While also doing interviews on the side. So, while candidate experience is essential to ensure you’re captivating the best talent, it’s also crucial to think about your hiring managers. Engaged and satisfied managers are only good for business. So, you want to make sure you’re not bogging them down and spreading them too thin during a season of interviews.

So, how do you do this?

You make interviewing easy for internal stakeholders.

Tools Within Rooster to Satisfy & Engage Your Hiring Managers

We designed Rooster to help with this. Here’s how:


Hiring managers are busy people. They’re working on the bigger picture, helping their team, and picking up the slack for the role they’re trying to hire. As a result, things get lost on their calendar. With SMS and email reminders, they’ll receive a notification before an interview, so no matter where they are, they’re ready to get that vacancy filled!

Easy Rescheduling

To play off the last point, things happen when juggling many tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes hiring managers just have to reschedule. With Rooster, rather than reaching out to HR and then the candidate to go back and forth, they can quickly reschedule and have the system communicate this to other stakeholders, so they don’t have to.

Inviting Optional Attendees

Maybe they want to invite their team lead as an optional attendee, so if they can’t make it, the team lead has their back with all the info required.

2-Way Workday Integration

Maybe there are a few roles to be filled, and before the interview, they can’t remember which position they’re interviewing to fill. When hiring, 39% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reading a resume, and 23% only spend under 30 seconds looking over a document! So, they certainly don’t want searching for the document to take more time than the overview itself. With the simple 2-way Workday integration, hiring managers can find the job requisition and the candidate’s cover letter, resume, job history, etc., with the click of a button. No searching or valuable time wasted.

Interviewer Preferences

We’re constantly adapting and adding new features at Rooster based on user feedback. One thing hiring managers everywhere wanted was preferences! This way, they’ll be able to configure their availability, holidays, time zones, workloads, and tags, all with the click of a button. No more unwanted interviews at inconvenient times, and less rescheduling necessary! This feature is next on deck.

Ready to Deploy Rooster to Satisfy Hiring Managers & Fill Job Reqs Faster?

You’ll inevitably fill roles faster when hiring managers are engaged via an easy interview process. So grab a few of your hiring managers and have them join for a personalized demo of Rooster’s automated interview scheduling software. They’ll be able to see firsthand just how easy their life is about to get with these streamlined and straightforward tools. Easily deployed in less than one month, Rooster has changed the game for organizations across the globe. Ready to experience it? Let’s chat.

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