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How Rooster Brought Cohesion and Efficiency to Pluralsight’s Recruiting Team


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About Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a tech workforce development company that helps teams build better products by knowing more and working better together. With assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts, their platform helps businesses and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products.

Pluralsight is on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, FORTUNE Best Workplaces in Technology® list, and FORTUNE Best Workplaces for Women® list in 2020.

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The Challenge

  1. On average, it took schedulers 36 hours (1-2 days) to schedule an interview
  2. TA Coordinators juggled three softwares to manually schedule interviews: Google Calendars, a trello board to manage the coordination, and Workay’s native scheduling software
  3. A general sense of disconnect between the members of the Talent Acquisition team, and challenges in coordination and handovers
Without Rooster, the Coordinator team would have been underwater a long time ago.”
Talent Coordination, and Recruiting Operations Leader at Pluralsight

The Business Impact

An overall reduction of scheduling time by 50 percent. Scheduling an interview went from an average 36 hours to 18 hours 12 mins. Pluralsight’s TA Coordinators are now scheduling interviews in half the time it took them before Rooster.


Speed of scheduling has more than doubled thanks to Rooster. The average time it took recruiters to schedule with Workday’s native scheduling software was 5 minutes, while with Rooster it’s 2 mins 25 secs. The actual scheduling piece of the recruitment process is now 62 percent faster.
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I’m loving Rooster, the analytics, [and] the support. We don’t need to reassign anything in Workday, we just go into Rooster and do it.”
Senior Talent Coordinator/Recruiter at Pluralsight
The time to fill rate, which is the time between the job being posted till the date the candidate has accepted the offer, went from a lengthy 38 days to 18 days, a 53 percent percent reduction. Positions are being filled faster and the risk of losing a qualified candidate to competition due to a lengthy interview process has been cut down considerably.
The on-boarding experience was great. [Rooster] is easy to use and explain... new hires are able to quickly to jump in and start using it.”
Senior Talent Coordinator at Pluralsight
Consolidating the entire scheduling process into one platform has improved the recruiter experience and makes training new schedulers streamlined and easy. Also, increased visibility allows team members to step in and seamlessly cover for one another.

increase their scheduling speed by 62 percent

improve their overall scheduling time by 50 percent

cut down on their average time-to-fill rate by 53 percent

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