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Thomson Reuters (TR) is the world’s leading provider of news and information-based tools to professionals. Their worldwide network of journalists and specialist editors keep customers up to speed on global developments, with a particular focus on legal, regulatory and tax changes.

It operates in five segments: Legal Professionals, Corporates, Tax & Accounting Professionals, Reuters News, and Global Print. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. Reuters provides business, financial, national, and international news to professionals via desktop terminals, the world’s media organizations, industry events and directly to consumers.

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Prior to Implementing Rooster

Talent Acquisition processes, including scheduling of interviews, had not been standardized prior to Reuters’ move to Workday Recruiting®. Each team scheduled through a variety of means including email and other communication tools. The manual interview scheduling process took employees up to 20 minutes on average to complete – not including additional time to reschedule if the candidate or hiring team experienced a conflict.

Thomson Reuters set out to drive innovation and competitive edge for their business by:

  • Simplifying end to end processes by utilizing automation and digital tools/tech.
  • Simplifying and improving employee user experiences.
  • Driving data, insights, and meaningful impact to all employees.

Thomson Reuters has continued to expand its adoption of Workday® systems, and value-add tools, like ROOSTER, to achieve these business outcomes and value for its employees and shareholders.

Adoption is Key when Introducing New Processes

Since the implementation of Rooster, The Thomson Reuters’ recruiting teams have been consistently setting, and breaking records for interview scheduling rates month-over-month. This is due in part to the widespread adoption and buy-in of Rooster from internal stakeholders across all locations, over 70 offices globally.

  • TR was able to successfully roll out Rooster to all of their teams simultaneously.
  • Rooster’s simplified user experience and extraordinary productivity features allowed the organization to scale this project to their large, complex, global network of recruiters.
  • Teams picked up and utilized Rooster willingly across the company due to ease of use and consistent benefits.

“[Rooster] bridged the gap between various internal teams that used different calendar tools and enabled us to centralize the scheduling process. Immediately saw the benefits of the efficiencies…”

Thomson Reuters
Product Manager, Workday Recruiting

The Ability to Do More with Less

Cost Savings & Reduction in Time to Schedule

Previously, TR employees leaned heavily on email and manual calendaring, creating a time-intensive burden on the team with a growing volume of interviews and limited resources. Rooster’s automated solution helped reduce scheduling time by an average of 15 minutes, down to 3 minutes in total, leading to an overall reduction in costs of recruitment.

As a result, these savings allowed for improvements in working style and management of day-to-day tasks as hiring managers utilize the same process globally, from first contact down to the final offer.

… it’s saved me a lot of time scheduling meetings and pretty much been flawless. It’s much more efficient tool than Calendify.

Blair P.
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

“We are scheduling at a much faster rate, able to analyze the overall interview experience stronger through our response times, rescheduling reasons, etc. Candidates seem happier with the faster updates and the automation”

Kristen Borener
Manager of Recruiting Operations & Enablement

Better Data that Improved TA Processes

With the help of Rooster, hiring managers and candidates noticed immediate benefits from the consistent communication, branding, reporting metrics, and scheduling methods that enhanced the process. “Recruiters are now utilizing Rooster to schedule Phone Screens, which has increased their efficiency around that process globally

Rooster’s powerful insights and analytics set the stage for new training methods and assist in identifying areas of improvement for Thomson Reuters. Each quarter, TR analyzes overall response and lag rates to determine new feature roll outs to elevate their teams’ performance and productivity.

Vastly Improved Candidate Experience

Candidates are now moving through the pipeline better than before. Rooster has allowed the team to come into one unified scheduling tool, showing impact from day one. Utilizing customizable communication templates, TR created a completely automatic and personalized feedback process for candidates prior to triggering their final offer process.

Thomson Reuters has leveraged Rooster’s autobook feature to create a full self-service scheduling and rescheduling method to aid in an
overall decrease in scheduling time by empowering their prospective candidates to be engaged throughout the entire process.

Future Enhancements Waiting to Hatch

Looking forward, TR plans to continually enhance their scheduling process through the addition of new features, such as Rooster’s new Microsoft Teams enhancement bot. This feature gives schedulers an additional avenue to reach out to interviewers with invitations and reminders being sent directly to their Teams chatbot which helps hiring managers manage the interview process in their normal flow of work in Microsoft Teams. Thomson Reuter’s Manager of Recruiting Operations & Enablement, Kristen Borener, explains that “The schedulers love the autobook feature, availability requesting, and most recently the newest integration with Teams so interviewers can respond and provide feedback via IM essentially without needing to be chased down!”

Implementing Rooster has allowed Thomson Reuters to successfully create and adopt a more streamlined and effective process for interview scheduling to their teams across the globe. With the addition of standardized communication, actionable insights, and a simplified process for all, TR continues to reduce their overall time to schedule rate and improve the overall experience for their teams and prospective talents. TR reported tremendous improvements to not only their efficiencies in candidate progression and management, but in team morale as well. As a result, scheduling is no longer a task the team dreads to do.

Reduced total time

“The response rate… and roadmap suggestions for product improvements feels like [Rooster] cares about Thomson Reuters and our company goals”

Clement Julius
Manager, HR Digital

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