Multi-technology Capability

Mix and match your favorite email systems and web-conferencing applications at once.

Rooster supports multiple email domains. Have a corporate location that uses G-Suite and another that utilizes Office 365? No problem! Rooster integrates with both, and makes Single-Sign On and international team collaboration a breeze. Rooster also allows schedulers to leverage multiple web-conferencing applications within a single interview lineup.

Applicant Tracking System
candidate and interviewers’ availability in a live calendar-view

Deep 2-way Integration with Workday

Rooster communicates with Workday bi-directionally and in real time.

With Rooster schedulers have:

  • Quick links back to the job requisition and candidate profile in Workday
  • Seamless flow of information from Workday to Rooster such as: the job description, candidate attachments (including resume and cover letter), interviewers, interview types, locations, competencies, and feedback questionnaires
  • Ability to utilize Interview Teams that are already set up in the Workday job requisition

Global Recruiting

Rooster makes working with global teams and international candidates foolproof with international language support and automatic time zone detection and reconciliation.

With Rooster schedulers can translate email/SMS templates into 109 languages. The user’s browser also defaults to the language based on the their location/settings.

Rooster automatically detects the time zone in which the interviewer and candidate are in, converting the invitation to their local time.

Schedulers, on the other hand, can see both the candidate and interviewers’ availability in a live calendar-view in their own time zone. They also have the option of changing the time zone to match either the interviewer or candidate.

candidate self scheduling tool

Candidate Self-Scheduling

Rooster eliminates the tedious back and forth by empowering the candidate to select the interview time that works for them.

      • Rooster integrates with interviewers’ calendars, providing real-time availability for the candidate to select a date and time that works for them.
      • This feature is mobile-friendly allowing candidates to schedule their interviews instantly from any device.
      • The selected interview time appears as a tentative slot on the interviewer’s calendar until they accept or decline the invitation.

Customizable Templates

      • Personalized email templates allows schedulers to showcase the organization’s unique work culture and improve the candidate’s experience with standardized messaging.
      • With Rooster schedulers can send personalized emails to both the interviewers and candidates. Create and save email templates by location, position, or team.
      • Personalized templates allow schedulers to incorporate the organization’s branding with HTML support and they can add as few or as many attachments as required.
      • No need to reinvent the wheel every time, candidates will receive the same experience regardless of their location or the position they applied for.
customizable email templates for interview

Easy Rescheduling

      • Rescheduling with Rooster is hassle-free and straightforward, whether it’s initiated by the candidate or scheduler.
      • Improve the candidate’s experience by allowing them to reschedule their interview directly from the scheduling link they received in their email.
      • Something come up with one of the interviewers last minute? No problem! The scheduler can either swap them out with an alternative interviewer, change the order of the interview lineup, or change the date and time entirely.
      • The scheduler can choose to send updates to all stakeholders involved to keep them apprised of the changes. Optionally, if all the changes were internal and wouldn’t affect the candidate, the scheduler could choose to send the updates to the interview team only, ensuring a seamless candidate experience.

Analytics & Insights

      • Actionable insights help identify bottlenecks to assist the talent team in making the hiring process more efficient. An easy-to-read visual dashboard gives instant visibility on schedulers, as well as the entire interview team.
      • At a glance, Rooster’s analytics dashboard showcases the talent acquisition team’s top schedulers, as well as the interviewers’ with the best response rates.
      • The schedulers’ leaderboard allows managers to highlight top performers worthy of recognition, and helps identify those in need of additional training and support.
      • Playfully coined as the Rooster “Wall of Shame”, the interviewers’ leaderboard captures interviewers’ average response times, as well as how often they accept, decline, or don’t respond to invitations.
      • Reports can be exported as CSV or PDF files, and parameters such as date ranges can be selected.

SMS Communication

      • Engage your interviewers and candidates via text messages. Send interview invitations directly to the candidates mobile phone, where they can choose to accept or decline on the spot, without the risk of it ending up in a spam folder.
      • SMS texting is an optional add-on feature that opens up another avenue for the scheduler to engage with the candidate. Choose what local number you want to use for texting capability (including 1-800 numbers). Schedulers can create an SMS template to showcase their branding and send a more personalized message to the candidate.
      • Some candidates don’t have immediate access to a computer, and texting increases their likelihood of receiving the invitation and the speed of their response. Texting is also effective in getting invitations directly before interviewers as well.
      • This option is configurable and schedulers can choose at what stage stakeholders receive SMS invitations, and can easily turn that option on and off on the invitation itself.

Reminders (Email, SMS, etc.)

Configurable template-driven reminders remove the necessity of manually following up with candidates and interviewers.

Schedulers can set as many reminders as they wish at whatever time intervals required to receive a response to their interview invitations, and to remind all stakeholders involved of an upcoming appointment. A post-interview reminder can also be sent to candidates to complete a survey about their interview experience, or to interviewers to prompt them to complete a feedback questionnaire.

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Office 365 GCC/GovCloud Support

Rooster supports the following Microsoft Office 365 national clouds:

      • Microsoft Graph Global Service (default public cloud)
      • Microsoft Hybrid Cloud
      • Microsoft Graph for US Government L4 (GCC High GovCloud)
      • Microsoft Graph for US Government L5 (DOD) Microsoft Cloud Germany
      • Microsoft Cloud operated by 21Vianet in China

Inviting Optional Attendees

      • Keep team members in the loop by adding optional attendees to the interview invitation.
      • CC’d attendees or optional invitees receive an invitation to the interview but aren’t part of the interview lineup, such as the Front Desk (who might need to prepare a security badge for the candidate), the Hiring Manager, or the Recruiter. Also, while the interview does show up on their calendar it doesn’t block off that time as busy.
Inviting Optional Attendees