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Reimagine a world where your team is free to focus on what they do best because scheduling is no longer a chore but an invisible, seamless process. Rooster is the one-click interview scheduling solution that revolutionizes how businesses and individuals connect, tearing down the barriers of communication and empowering your team for long-term success.

Step into the future of professional interactions with Rooster. Join the flock and discover how we’re reshaping the recruiting landscape, one stress-free interview at a time.

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October 23 – 25, 2023

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Kognitiv: iHeart Media’s Roadmap for Future Talent Growth & Development

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition and Management to Harness the Future Generation of Talent


George Saunders

Chief Product Officer,


David Hudnall

Director of HRIS Talent Applications,


Stacy Lam

Recruiting Product Leader,

It’s Time to Change the Way Hiring is Done

Intelligent Scheduling, Instant Results

Rooster is a leading enterprise scheduling solution developed specifically for Workday®, by Workday® experts. Our deep, 2-way integration with Workday® Recruiting provides a simpler, more comprehensive, and consistent scheduling solution for your hiring teams, managers, and prospective talents.

Hire 30x faster

Seamless user experience

Increased visibility and collaboration

AI-powered automation and insights

Increased engagement with less turnover

Effortless Global recruiting

Leading Edge Technology with Bank-Level Security

Rooster offers full Office 365 GovCloud support, and our quick, well-defined process also ensures your organization’s compliance with EU General Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines and more!

Theater Sessions

Kognitiv: iHeart Media’s Roadmap for
Future Talent Growth & Development

Explore iHeart Media’s visionary journey into revamping their Workday HR, Talent, and Learning Systems to proactively shape the workforce of tomorrow. During this session, leaders from Kognitiv (Rooster) and iHeart Media will unveil compelling insights and strategies for harnessing data, modern systems, automation, and forward-thinking processes to redefine talent acquisition and talent management to capture the next generation of talent. Join us as we explore the key technologies selected to maximize results, and the return on the investment made in this game-changing initiative.

Unleash Your Talent Coop with New RoosterLinks for Enterprise Scheduling

RoosterLinks fills the gaps in traditional enterprise calendar systems. It’s not just scheduling; it’s strategic meeting management. Enjoy:

It’s time to revolutionize recruiting with Rooster!