Hiring Remote Workers? Here’s What to Look for During the Interview Process.

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group shared that 89% of people globally would like a hybrid work schedule moving forward. So, to acquire top talent it may be time for your company to adapt to this new normal and start hiring more team members that work remote, at least partially. So how does hiring remote workers impact your recruitment process? The process itself can stay mostly the same, with the integration of video conferencing tools and virtual interviewing. But there are a few things you’ll want to look out for:

Communication Skills

When surveyed, 20% of remote employees say communication between teams is the biggest struggle. You want to make sure an individual’s communication skills are stellar throughout the interview process. Take note of how responsive they are to requests and emails, review their emails for clarity, and observe how they present themselves on camera during their interview. If all of their communication skills are positive throughout the process, you have confidence that if hired, they’ll be able to seamlessly communicate digitally with other team members either in the office or also working remotely.

Technical Ability

When using a tool like Rooster’s interview scheduling solutions, technology is at the forefront of every step of the interview process. Now, they don’t need to be an IT guru when they’re interviewing for a communications role. But ability to navigate the virtual scheduling and calendar integrations, reschedule on the virtual platform as required, and ability to utilize the video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet seamlessly without questions is key for remote employees. These are actions they’ll likely need to take daily working on a remote team. So, using Rooster’s tools for automated interview scheduling and virtual interviewing is a good test to see their ability to navigate critical tech tools independently—even if it’s meant to make the lives of your HR team a little easier. Win-win!

Time Management Skills

To work remotely, you need to be able to understand how to manage time. Did the candidate reschedule the interview multiple times? Were they late for the video call? Did they forget to respond to the invitation to schedule the interview? If a candidate isn’t timely, they may not be the best fit for remote work. Candidates must have a certain level of accountability and self-discipline that will allow them to respond in an efficient manner and be on time for important meetings and events.

These three factors are huge in finding employees that will successfully integrate into a remote work environment!

Rooster Can Help You Hire Qualified Remote Employees with Ease

With features like global recruiting capabilities that allow your team to find top talent from anywhere in the world, Rooster can help you find the most qualified remote talent seamlessly. From mobile-friendly candidate self-scheduling to gauge motivation and independence to video conferencing integrations with Zoom or Microsoft Teams so you can get to know them “face-to-face”—our platform provides numerous capabilities that will allow you to hire remotely with ease and confidence that you’ve found the right fit. Explore Rooster’s capabilities and schedule a personalized demo to see how it can help your team grow today!

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