How HR Professionals Can Leverage Hiring Tech to Overcome 2022 Hiring Challenges

The world has gone through vast changes in the past few years. Perhaps one of the areas most impacted is the world of work. In fact, at one point, the BBC claimed that pre-pandemic work structures are becoming a relic. And you know what? They’re not wrong. Businesses are making vast shifts in their cultures, the way they work, who they hire, and their priorities as an organization every single day. Some of this is caused by the many challenges facing them when it comes to hiring the right team members. So, how can teams start to leverage hiring tech to tackle some of those changes and challenges? Let’s take a look.

Staffing & Talent Shortages

The global skills shortage is definitely not anything new. And as there are talent shortages everywhere, it should be no surprise that there are also staffing shortages. Right now, 46% of companies surveyed by Robert Half are hiring for new roles, 46% are hiring for vacated roles, while only 8% are freezing hiring or eliminating positions.

The Solution: Deploy AI Solutions
When teams are working with skeleton crews, and there aren’t enough recruiters to manage filling the necessary roles, you need to automate. For example, Rooster’s automated interview scheduling software takes your recruiters out of the picture completely. Once your interview flow is set up, hiring managers and candidates can schedule their own interviews, with no back-and-forth communication required. Also, you can automate emails to go out at certain stages of the interview process to keep it moving. But those emails can be personalized, so it still adds that human touch.

Remote Hiring

A lot of teams are now hiring remotely, which means that candidates can be dialing in from anywhere. When scheduling interviews manually, that leaves a lot of room for error on the time zone front. Plus, you’ll never meet “face-to-face,” so video conferencing is now critical to the interview process.

The Solution: Choose Hiring Tech That Talks

For remote hiring, you want to make sure that your interview scheduling platform communicates with your ATS so candidate time zones can come into play seamlessly. When you work with Workday Recruiting®, you can deploy Rooster for easy scheduling. Rooster also integrates with your daily tools, allowing you to connect your various email and videoconferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to interview “face-to-face” with automated emails containing meeting links to be sent out.

Soft Skills Gaps

With digital transformation changing the landscape of work daily, it’s inevitable that there are going to be skills gaps. In fact, nearly 90% of companies are either suffering from one now or expect to in a couple of years.

So, how do you identify if potential candidates have the soft skills required for the job?

The Solution: Deploy Automated Assessments & an ATS

Most applicant tracking systems today can sort through resumes of your candidates to move those who have the greatest potential forward. With that, you can set parameters for soft skills to narrow your criteria. In addition, during the interview process, you can have your tracking system send out an automated assessment for the candidate to complete as a part of the interview process.

Need Help Putting Automated Hiring Practices in Place? Let’s Chat.

With the proper applicant tracking systems, interview scheduling software, and videoconferencing tools, a lot of today’s top HR challenges can be solved by technology. Set up a complimentary, personalized demo of Rooster today so we can show you exactly how your team could benefit from hiring tech!

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