How Seamless is Your Recruitment Process?

With global talent scarcity predicted to continue in 2023, particularly in tech-related industries, it’s imperative for companies and their leadership to provide more than just a streamlined recruitment process if they want to thrive.

As we move further into the “new normal”, signs are pointing to remote and hybrid work models becoming the norm. Employees are looking beyond compensation into more meaningful positions, the flexibility to work at their own pace, and a connection with company culture that resonates with their purpose. Pre-pandemic, this connection would be driven by leadership. Now, thanks to our increasingly technology-driven world, there are ways to communicate company culture from the very first contact during the recruitment process.

Last year, we wrote about how candidates are seeking a data- and technology-driven recruitment experience, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. Automation is one thing, and a completely seamless, transparent, and ultimately empowering recruitment process is another.

Since its creation, Rooster has transformed the recruitment experience, allowing for simple and efficient workflows that make a world of difference with potential candidates as well as HR managers and recruiters.

Leveraging current processes

The competition to sign top talent is only getting fiercer. The effort of HR teams is better spent on finding new and innovative ways to attract and sign candidates than bouncing between platforms and the tedium of scheduling and briefing the multiple parties involved in the interview process.

So with the goal of hiring these candidates comes a renewed focus on efficiency; essentially, accomplishing more with less. Or at least, doing more with what you have. 

That’s why we designed Rooster to work bi-directionally with the Workday Recruiting applicant tracking system, allowing HR teams to work with interviewers and hiring managers just as seamlessly as they can with candidates themselves. With internal calendars for availability, job requisition, candidate profiles, and scheduling a few clicks away, Rooster effectively speeds up the hiring process by up to 30x.

But it’s wide range of integrations go beyond Workday, saving not just hours of work but hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual software integrations by connecting web conferencing platforms like Zoom, SSO/Security technologies like Azure, Okta, and Ping Identity, and leading email and office tools like G-Suite and MS Office 365 – all in one portal.

Time zone and language recognition

This era of remote work has given companies the opportunity to look beyond their physical base of operations and consider qualified candidates from around the world. With remote hiring increasing at a rapid pace, there is a need to overcome possible language challenges and timezone conflicts – the faster, the better. Instantly would be best.

Rooster tackles this with automatic timezone detection and reconciliation, effectively eliminating the margin of error from manual scheduling. It also offers international language support for up to 109 languages based on location and settings.

Streamlining through automated mass actions

The first step to optimizing any process or workflow is eliminating actions that don’t produce tangible, measurable results. Manually scheduling and rescheduling interviews is time that could be spent on other tasks, which is why Rooster’s easy scheduling works for both candidates and hiring teams.

Automated mass actions allow schedulers to create “set it and forget it” rules to multiple if-and-then scenarios, such as emails that are sent at certain stages of the interview process. Once their interview flow is established, no back and forth communication is required.

Enhanced communication through SMS and reminders

The goal of any recruitment effort is to provide a good candidate experience. This means having a good communication strategy, as well as offering transparency and involvement in every step of the process. It is, after all, a collaborative effort.

Rooster addresses this through one of the many features that candidates (and clients) love – our candidate self-scheduling feature, which is mobile-friendly and allows candidates to schedule their interviews at the available time and date that works best for them. We take this a step further with email and SMS reminders to help keep candidates informed and prepared, letting them know that the company respects and values their time. These reminders are pre-generated, with the templates easily customizable to provide a personalized but standardized messaging touchpoint. 

And because Rooster allows for intelligent automation, schedulers can program as many reminders as they want, and when they want, to be automatically sent out – from confirmation follow-ups to interview reminders, as well as post-interview surveys and questionnaires. This eliminates the need for manual follow-ups with both candidates and interviewers, and allows all parties involved to stay on top of their schedules.

Ready to recruit top talent this 2023?

We’re constantly developing new features to ensure that your recruitment process is not only in peak form, but successfully communicates your company culture in a way that resonates with your potential candidates. Chat with us today to schedule a free customized demo.

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