I’m a Talent Director at a Multinational Company: How Do I Make Sure Each Country Gets the Same Experience?

With the growth of technology making our world smaller, more and more companies are going global. Today, there are over 60,000 multinational companies controlling more than 500,000 subsidiaries across the globe. Now, that doesn’t include all the companies that have capitalized on the current pandemic shift to remote work. So, when this shift to multinational happens, it comes with some complexity. You have to think about languages, time zones, currencies, cultural intricacies, and more. This plays into daily operations, especially when attracting global talent. With this in mind, Rooster has recently released technology to ease the burden of those multinational operating companies. So, let’s take a look at global capabilities!

Global Recruitment & Interviewing Made Simple

With 16% of companies across the globe now working fully remote, global recruitment is on the rise. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. These three major Rooster features were created to help human resources teams overcome those challenges.

Automated Time Zone Detection

How often have you had to schedule a Zoom call with a team member in a different time zone, having to Google the time difference to ensure it will work. You can take that step out of the process with Rooster. Rooster automatically detects the time zone for interviewers and candidates and will convert all invitations to local time without being prompted to do so. Then, schedulers can see availability on a live calendar view with their time zone or the time zone of the candidate.

Customizable Email & SMS Templates in 109 Languages

Translation is a great expense for many multinational companies. That’s why Rooster has built-in translation capability supporting 109 languages from across the world. First, the user’s browser will default to the native language to simplify communication. Then, you can also translate SMS communication and email templates to the appropriate language for scheduling, reminders, post-interview surveys, and more.

Candidate Self-Scheduling

Things get slowed down substantially when working across time zones. For example, if your HR team is in Europe, but you’re recruiting candidates based in Los Angeles, there are very few hours in the workday that overlap. This makes communication difficult. With seamless self-scheduling, candidates can avoid the back-and-forth communication and set up interviews via SMS, mobile, or desktop versions of Rooster. Then, they’ll receive confirmation emails in their native language upon acceptance from the interviewer. Easy peasy!

Grow Your Team Globally with Ease

Want to see these capabilities in action? Schedule a personalized demo so you can walk through the global tools step-by-step and see how they’ll impact your global recruitment initiatives.

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