Is Your Recruiting Process Broken? Here’s How to Tell & How to Fix It.

In a COVID-era job market where the employees are now holding the reigns in many cases, it’s important that companies pay close attention to their recruiting process. On average, each job vacancy costs about $500 per day and in this tumultuous moment in time there are currently over 9 million job openings going unfilled. That is a lot of lost opportunity and lost profit. So where are we going wrong? Despite the growing trend of career pivots, in many cases, the issue could be the hiring process. If your recruiting process is broken, it’s time to fix it.

5 Signs Your Recruiting Process is Broken

Let’s talk about the basics of how to both diagnose you have a recruitment problem, and how to remedy it to acquire more qualified talent in your interview pipeline.

You’re Losing Qualified Candidates

This is perhaps one of the top indicators that your recruiting process is broken. If you reach out with a job offer to your top candidate and 5 times out of 10 they’ve already accepted another role, that’s a problem. If you reach out to schedule that second interview and 5 times out of 10 they’ve already decided against interviewing with your company. Why is that? It could be the lag in time between communication, overall ineffective communication, improper branding, and overall poor candidate experience. The good news is once you realize you’re missing out and can diagnose where in the process it’s happening, all these factors can typically be fixed with tools like an applicant tracking system and interview scheduling software!

Your Time to Hire is Steadily Increasing

If pre-pandemic your time to hire was 25 days, but now is over 60 days, where is that disconnect? Did you lose team members in human resources? Are your candidates less qualified? Take a look at the why and how you can fix it. Rooster’s streamlined interview scheduling software is proven to reduce time to hire, so the key could be providing your team with a simple tool to automate and increase productivity so more qualified candidates can be let in the door.

You’re Depending on External Recruiters Only

External recruiters are incredible, but they aren’t a part of your team. They don’t hold the same onus, they may not hold candidates to the same regard, and ultimately, their job is to fill the role with headcount—not necessarily with the right person. Now, that’s not always the case. But when your team has the tools at their fingertips to manage the interview process in-house with no need to hire an external recruiter, you may see the quality of your new hires elevated.

Your New Hires Aren’t at The Same Level for Similar Roles

If your interview processes aren’t standardized and prospective hires aren’t going through the exact same process from the way the interviewer is interviewing to questions asked to time to hire—it could affect the quality of your hires. If someone for the same or similar role is hired and is leagues above another candidate who was chosen for a similar position, you have to ask yourself where your streamlined process may have gaps that need fixing for more cohesive team development.

Rooster Can Help You Streamline Your Recruiting Process

If you’re ready to take your recruiting process to the next level by fixing and elevating your processes and technology, Rooster by Kognitiv can help. By providing easy-to-use, customizable interview scheduling software that is integrated seamlessly with your applicant tracking system, you’ll not only speed up your time to fill, but you’ll save money and attract competent top talent that values efficiency and proactive hiring. Schedule a free personalized demo today to see how Rooster can help you fix your recruiting process—it could be the only tool you need to level up your business!

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