Leveraging Scale: How Interview Scheduling Helps Large Enterprises Increase Their Bottom Line

Rooster works with companies of all sizes, from 10 employees to 15,000+ employees, and automated interview scheduling is something that impacts the bottom line for each and every one. As job openings soar across the nation, many companies are experiencing hiring shortages or the dreaded “turnover tsunami” with 52% of workers searching for new jobs. What does this mean for large companies who have hundreds of job requisitions to fill, and only overworked recruiting team members to fill them? From the companies we’ve worked with, we’ve not only been able to ease their stress over these recent events in the world of work, but we’ve also been able to save large enterprises time and money while others continue to struggle in the current landscape.

Here are just a few ways Rooster allows large enterprises to increase their bottom line and get major ROI from our automated interview scheduling software:

Decrease HR Headcount Without Impacting Candidate or Employee Experience

One of Rooster’s Fortune 1000 clients with a team of over 15,000 was able to decrease their recruitment coordinator headcount substantially thanks to Rooster’s automated interview scheduling solutions. With this decrease, they were able to reallocate human resources talent to different functions dedicated to enhancing DEI initiatives, internal communications for greater employee satisfaction, and more. Since their recruiting coordinators were no longer spending costly time on follow-up and administrative tasks that are easily automated with Rooster’s software, they were able to give them more fulfilling roles elsewhere in the company, while reducing the need to hire additional team members for recruitment.

Reduce Time to Hire Across All Departments

Rooster has been proven to help companies hire 30x faster with the use of our automated interview scheduling solutions. Through streamlined and automated hiring processes you can build for your specific business needs, integration with key HR software like Workday or Zoom, real-time status updates, automated reminders, and live analytics—many of your hiring roadblocks will be removed for faster hiring, less downtime, and greater talent.

Land Top Talent with Streamlined & Tech-Centric Hiring Process

If you’re a large enterprise, there are probably a lot of quality candidates that want to work for you as they’re looking in from the outside. But what does your hiring process show them when they land an interview?

Is it disorganized?

Is your branding inconsistent?

Does it take a week or more to get a response from a hiring manager?

Maybe candidates feel that they’ve been left in the dust by a recruiter who didn’t follow up due to an overloaded plate?

These are all scenarios that will turn off top talent rather than attract them.

Your hiring and recruitment process is your first impression and your best way to engage top talent to join your team of qualified, innovative professionals. Rooster helps cut down response times, eliminates the need for back-and-forth email follow up, allows marketing to create branded automated templates that professionally showcase the essence of your business, and more. All this will ensure your top candidates are impressed and ready to accept that offer after they ace their final interview!

Is Your Large Enterprise Ready for a Recruitment Revamp?

If your company is growing faster than you can handle and you need to streamline your processes, or if you’re simply looking for time and cost savings to help your company reach the next level—Rooster can help. Schedule your personalized consultation and we’ll help you tackle your greatest recruitment challenges and show you how to overcome those roadblocks to reduce your bottom line with automated interview scheduling software.