Recruiting Your Recruiters: Tips to Make it a Seamless Experience

Did you know that job postings for recruiters tripled between January 2019 and January 2022? This in-demand role is more important than ever for companies looking to engage the right talent for their organization. Unemployment has been at a record low for the past few years, while the number of open requisitions is at an all-time high. So, the steep increase makes sense. The issue? Recruiting your recruiters is a tough job. They know all the signs that an organization isn’t functioning at its highest level and will demand exactly what they know they deserve (and can get from other organizations). They are the hiring experts, after all. 

So, before you start spinning your wheels — here are a few things you can do to make recruiting your recruiters a little simpler… 

Move Through the Interview Process Quickly

Recruiters have a sixth sense for inefficiency. Their job is to streamline these processes to impress candidates daily. Due to their innate expertise, you can’t fool them into thinking you have your hiring process together if you truly don’t. Deploy whatever you have to — a project manager, talent acquisition software, automation tools — to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of your interview process. Just with Rooster’s automated interview scheduling software alone, you can eliminate lag time and tens of emails to schedule, cancel, and re-schedule. Customized automations and a streamlined, effective interview process are the first steps to impressing top recruiting talent!

Offer Competitive Salaries

This one is a no-brainer but is often overlooked when companies are wondering why they can’t hire a recruiter that provides results. Ensure that their compensation is fair and, honestly, above average. They know what people make; they talk about salaries and negotiate all day long. If you don’t come in with a competitive offer or options for compensation, you’re going to lose the most talented in the biz.

In fact, today, recruiters are being paid between $50,000 and $100,000 more than in years past. Keep this in mind when making your budgets.

Get Creative & Be Open

Due to the shortage of recruiters, you shouldn’t always be looking at a recruiter with 10+ years of experience in the recruitment field. Realistically, someone who has been a sales manager for 10+ years knows exactly what skills, personality traits, and backgrounds lend themselves to a successful sales manager. Give career pivoters a chance to show what they’ve got. It could prove to be your best recruitment hire in a while.

Value Your Recruiters’ Expertise

One final thing you must do is look at why you’re not retaining or attracting recruiters to begin with. Oftentimes in today’s tumultuous landscape, recruiters are being held to impossible standards. They can’t magically create a culture that attracts talent, they aren’t the ones coming up with the salary ranges, and they aren’t the ones allowing people to work remotely or requiring them to come into the office. If your organization has created a culture that attracts talent, a recruiter is set up for success. If your organization hasn’t, you’re setting them up for failure that isn’t their fault. Some food for thought as you start to fill these critical roles within your organization!

Want to Make Your Hiring Process Seamless to Attract Top Recruiters? Let’s Chat.

An article by SHRM this past May shared that 50% of recruiters would move to another organization if they leveraged talent acquisition technology. By utilizing Rooster’s sophisticated interview scheduling software, you’ll impress talented recruiters from the moment they enter your talent acquisition pipeline. Let’s schedule a personalized demo to help you see the full potential of valuable TA software.

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