Remote Work is Influencing the Globalization of Talent—Here’s How to Prepare Your Recruitment Team

Rooster has always been a remote-first company, which is why seeing the rest of the world follow suit—even if it was because of a global pandemic—is something we see great opportunity in. The world has experienced unprecedented changes in the past year and a half, and those changes have directly influenced the world of work. Perhaps one of the greatest changes is that increase of remote work and connection that Rooster had already valued so dearly. As a company directly impacting the recruitment process, it’s our priority to attract and retain the best possible talent out there—regardless of their location. And it seems after the pandemic most companies have realized that their team can be just as productive, impactful, and resourceful from home. Mercer, a global HR benefits firm surveyed 800 employers from across the nation, and 95% responded that their team’s productivity was higher or just as high as it was pre-pandemic with employees in the office. That, paired with the fact that businesses lose up to $600 a year from workplace distractions, may explain why 75% of CFOs surveyed by Gartner said that they will be shifting at least some of their teams to remote work permanently after the pandemic.

So, what happens when your company all of a sudden has a global talent pool, rather than a local talent pool within a 25-mile radius of your brick-and-mortar location? Nearly half of businesses surveyed by PWC noted that they thought their international workforce population will increase as a result. So how do you manage that?

The first step to a successful transition to a remote workforce is getting recruitment systems in place to successfully recruit and interview nationwide and/or global talent.

The right tools and technology will help your team streamline the interview process for all talent, so you can hire the best of the best, from anywhere.

3 Ways Rooster Makes Remote Recruitment Easier

To support teams moving to the world of remote work, and in turn, remote hiring. Rooster has tons of capabilities that can help, but perhaps the most beneficial features include:

2-Way Integration with Workday

Workday’s robust technology foundation will allow your team to build out your seamless automated recruitment process with fluid 2-way integration with Rooster’s interview scheduling solutions. This allows your human resources team to communicate strategically and simply with other departments, hiring managers, and candidates through Rooster for interview scheduling— while also managing all steps of the interview and hiring process, onboarding, and beyond with Workday’s full talent acquisition lifecycle solutions! These are all cloud-based solutions, so they can operate remotely with ease.

Automatic Time Zone Detection & Reconciliation

Whether you’re based in New York City or London, interviewing in Paris or Sydney—Rooster can automatically detect time zones for both interviewer and candidate. Using that tech, Rooster automatically converts meeting invitations to local time, eliminating the need for the recruiter to handle tricky time zone calculations. Schedulers can see candidate and interviewer availability live on their own calendar in their time zone. Or they could also change the view to see the local time in the locales of those interviewers and candidates they’re working with. It’s easy and instant!

Candidate Self-Scheduling & Rescheduling

Rather than waiting a day to connect with a candidate in India when they’re awake, all candidates invited to interview can self-schedule at a time that works for them and their interviewer. No need for recruiters to call and follow-up with candidates, everything can be done with the push of a button with SMS reminders or automated email reminders to keep the process moving no matter when both parties are in the office!

Go Global with the Help of Rooster for Workday

Are you ready to embrace the future of the world of work and cultivate an international team that will be on the leading edge for your industry? Take the leap and get your recruitment strategy in place with the help of Rooster, making it easier to navigate this exciting but huge initiative. Schedule a personalized demo so our team can show you exactly how to set up Rooster for seamless international recruitment and hiring!

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