Rooster is Workday’s Premier Secure Cloud Scheduling Solution for Government & Hybrid Organizations

The professional landscape is constantly shifting and organizations need to evolve in order to keep up. Over the past year, Gallup reported that nearly half of full-time employees in the United States worked from home at least part-time. How are companies adjusting to incorporate this new hybrid work scenario? One way is to utilize cloud-based applications and systems to run their businesses. In fact, 94% of companies use a cloud service in some way, shape, or form. So, when it comes to interviewing and cloud-based systems like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Government Cloud used by the government and defense contractors, Workday users have seen firsthand that most companies were unable to continue using their existing scheduling software, as they don’t yet have cloud operational capabilities. The good news is, Rooster is the exception and our clients don’t have that issue.

How Rooster’s Personalized Configurations Work for Unique Work Scenarios

The beauty of a software like Workday is how customizable it is to each organization’s process and infrastructure. We built Rooster with the same functionality in mind. Rooster was designed to be highly configurable to meet the unique requirements of each individual organization or business that leverages our interview scheduling solutions.

We’ve always taken security seriously, the fact that Rooster’s first partner was a Cyber Security firm that put us through the wringer as we developed our product, attests to our competence. For businesses utilizing Microsoft GovCloud, we designed a different Office365 setup, with its own unique access approach to meet those stringent security and compliance needs, all the while operating in a cloud environment.

For businesses operating on both local networks and cloud-based infrastructure for hybrid company operations, our Rooster implementation team will help design a solution that will flow seamlessly to either your home network or cloud-based email and calendar solutions.

We currently support the following Microsoft Office 365 national clouds:

  • Microsoft Graph Global Service (default public cloud)
  • Microsoft Hybrid Cloud
  • Microsoft Graph for US Government L4 (GCC High GovCloud)
  • Microsoft Graph for US Government L5 (DOD) Microsoft Cloud Germany
  • Microsoft Cloud operated by 21Vianet in China

With technology the sky’s the limit, and with an agile software like Rooster, your scheduling team can rest assured that as your business continues to modernize and adapt, we will adapt with you.

Rooster Meets Your Team Where You Need Us Most

The trend of a hybrid and remote workplace isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With that, security has become a priority now more than ever. Our skilled team of developers is working on even more robust solutions to ensure that you can operate on your cloud-based systems, while leveraging Rooster for Workday to level up your recruiting game. As always, our goal is to save your team time and energy, and to provide the peace of mind to focus on revenue-driving activities. Want to see how it can work for your team? Schedule a personalized demo today.

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