Rooster Ushering in New Ways of Recruiting

Technology has already transformed the recruitment process in so many ways. It’s created job boards and social media networking sites for greater access to top talent. We’ve seen manual hiring processes become more streamlined and effective, saving time and money with tools like Workday and Rooster. Selecting candidates has been made simpler with ATS screening capabilities. Most recently, the world of remote work has opened up opportunities to connect with powerful talent regardless of their locale.

What’s next?

We think the recruitment process will soon become fully automated, with in person interviews becoming a thing of the past as 2 in 5 workers remain fully remote post-pandemic.

With hiring managers working off-site, it will make it more difficult to facilitate in person scheduling. When it comes to industry jobs like manufacturing where factory or warehouse workers need knowledge and skills that can be easily tested remotely via simple assessments or hospitality jobs with simple screening requirements, recruiting and hiring can easily be done remotely. In ten years, maybe less, no one is going to be interviewing in person, nor will recruiters be scheduling interviews manually. So how does your company reach that level now to be on the cutting edge and attract top talent with your innovation? You start using a tool like Rooster for Workday. Here’s why:

Seamless Integration with ATS, Video Conferencing, & Email Tools

To operate a hiring process entirely remote, it’s important that all your tools work together. You shouldn’t be using an ATS that doesn’t have the power to provide scheduling, analytics, or software integrations with tools you use daily and need for recruitment like Zoom or Outlook. Workday ATS integrates seamlessly with these tools, while Rooster integrates with all for ultimate connectivity.

Global Recruitment Power

The future is global. With 85% of managers saying they think remote teams are the new norm, being able to hire from anywhere, nationwide or globally is important. Rooster provides capabilities like language support and automatic time zone detection and reconciliation. Templates can be translated into over 100 languages and the system itself will default to local language based upon geographical location.

Technology-First Self-Scheduling Capability

Nearly half of job seekers turned down a job offer due to a bad recruiting experience. Whether it was because of delayed responses, impersonal emails, or general lack of communication—these issues can easily be avoided with tech. With Rooster you have automated email reminders that are personalized via customizable templates and SMS messaging capability that will remind candidates about their interview or if they haven’t completed a necessary step in the process. It will show them that your company is gaining an edge by investing in technology, and that will help you land the best of the best.

Analytics & Reminders to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Part of adding technology to your recruitment process is that it will reduce your time to hire. Rooster provides analytics that share with you who your most efficient and effective recruiters are, where every interview is in the process, and automated reminders that will keep hiring managers on the ball to ensure the process isn’t slowed down by poor response times.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of features!

Let Rooster Help You Enter the New Age of Recruiting

Rooster’s innovative and streamlined automated interview scheduling software is what your team needs to start adapting your hiring process for the new world of work. Candidates are going to expect remote connection, technology-first hiring practices—but they’ll want it to still be personal and feel like they’re joining an organization that cares about them as an individual, not just a number. Rooster can help you achieve that, with setup in just a few days. Want to see how it works? Schedule a personalized consultation for your business to get started today!

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