Why Interview Solutions Are Essential in Rebuilding in the New World of Work

Although we’re still living amidst a pandemic, life is beginning to look a little more “normal” again in most places. However, that normal looks entirely different than it did two years ago. Perhaps one of the most impacted areas is the world of work. Regardless of industry, many companies are being challenged to rebuild and adopt new technology, flexible policies, and people-first values. Is your company moving forward, or will they be left behind as we emerge on the other side of the pandemic?

How the Landscape of Work is Changing & Where It’s Going

The pandemic forced many people to rethink what they wanted in life, especially in their careers. Whether personal experiences, industry changes, increase in remote opportunities or furloughs and layoffs impacted opinions, many employees are rethinking their path. Unfortunately, this has propelled us into what they’re calling “The Great Resignation.” And if companies aren’t prepared to navigate the landscape of this era, they’re going to be left behind.

Here are a few stats that showcase the landscape of the world of work today:

And with that, it’s also essential to look at trends of where the world of work is going. When you start to look at the landscape, it’s evident that technology is at the forefront of growth. Here are just a few examples:

  • 100% of Chinese firms and 87% of US employers are relying on some form of AI for recruitment.
  • 84% of candidates schedule an interview within 24 hours of receiving a text invite.
  • 74% of recruiters have found that video interviews have made their job easier to interview and shortlist candidates.
  • By 2030, over 85 million jobs could go unfulfilled due to the global talent shortage.

So, how is your company adapting to adopt technology to overcome these potential challenges while also embracing new opportunities?

Your Interview Process is Integral to the Future of Your Company

Well, it all starts with your interview process.

With these statistics showcasing where we’re at and where we’re going, it should come as no surprise that 84% of recruiters are adapting hiring processes. Yet, at the same time, in a recent Gartner survey, 49% of talent acquisition leaders say they do not have an explicit future of work strategy. Without a strategy, your human resources processes won’t be effective. And if your strategy is in place but isn’t embracing automation, integrations, virtual interview technologies, and flexible communication methods, you’re losing out on top talent.

With streamlined strategic solutions like simple video conferencing and ATS integrations, customizable automated email flows, thorough analytics and reporting, reminders to speed up workflows, and more, Rooster has helped customers thrive. We’ve helped them:

  • Eliminate manual scheduling to save time and resources
  • Remove silos between human resources team members for greater collaboration
  • Achieve 100% user adoption in one week for simple deployments
  • Decrease user error with pre-built and customizable email templates and time zone detection
  • Increase efficiency of interview scheduling by 62%.

And that’s just the start! By adopting automated technology, your team will adapt to more flexible work scenarios and impress top talent with your state-of-the-art processes. Simply put, these technologies will bring you into the future.

Let Rooster Help You Adapt to the New World of Work

Are you ready to embrace the new dynamic of the world of work to achieve greater success? Rooster can help. By adopting new technology that allows you to streamline your hiring process from the ground up, you’ll reach new heights. Your candidates will be impressed and ready to sign on the dotted line after experiencing your noteworthy automation, simple scheduling, and a personalized touch. What Rooster offers will help your team adapt to the new world of work and attract the best talent possible for your team. Ready to experience it for yourself? Schedule a personalized demo to see what your business’s future can look like.

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