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candidate and interviewers’ availability in a live calendar-view

Interview Scheduling Solutions in One Click

Hiring the best candidate begins with a seamless candidate process. This process is a reflection of your company culture and plays a vital role in getting a candidate’s stamp of approval. However, creating that process is anything but simple. Using multiple platforms to manage the simple task of scheduling a candidate interview is tedious, time consuming, and oftentimes, inaccurate.
Rooster was created to provide a simpler, more comprehensive and more consistent way to schedule interviews between the hiring team, managers, and prospective talent. Rooster saves  time, promotes efficiency, and creates a fantastic candidate experience that leaves a great impression on the candidates you want to hire.

The Perfect Workday Hiring Companion

Designed specifically for Workday, Rooster makes life easier through:
Single Dashboard Scheduling
Personalized Email to All Stakeholders
Unique Calendar Invites
Easy Rescheduling
Seamless Integration into Daily Tools

Through its multi-domain capabilities, Rooster is able to:

  • Detect in real time if there are any declines for interviews
  • Notify candidates and internal personnel of appointments through its unique SMS feature
  • Create messages from a wide array of tailored templates
  • Pre attach standard documents through its unique interface

Analytics and Insight to Help You Pick The Right Talent

Rooster provides actionable insights and data that help your talent team create an efficient hiring process. Previously unavailable to Workday users, Rooster’s real-time dashboard gives you instant visibility on the entire interview process giving you data that leads to better decisions.

candidate and interviewers’ availability in a live calendar-view
The Best Interview Team
Best Time To Schedule Interviews
Who Schedules the Most Interviews

With Rooster, our clients schedule 30 times faster, see 10 to 30x ROI on time saved, and most importantly, hire candidates that get the job done. Want to get started?

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