Rooster Case Study

How Rooster Retired Deluxe’s Manual Tracking & Reporting

  • Company Name:

    Deluxe Corporation

  • Industry:

    Fintech & Business Technology

  • Employee Count:

    5,000+ Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN

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About Deluxe

Deluxe is a Payments & Business Technology(TM) company that champions businesses big and small, helping them pay, get paid, optimize and grow.

Deluxe is a 9x winner of the Talent Board Candidate Experience Award, and has received many accolades as a testament to their corporate philosophy, including: Best Places to Work for Dads in 2020/2021, Best Places to Work for Moms in 2021, achievements in gender divesity, disability inclusion and veteran employment.

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The Challenge

  1. Setting up virtual interviews was inefficient due to Workday’s lack of integration with MS Teams. Web-conferencing links
    had to be created manually and painstakingly entered into every email invitation
  2. Schedulers and managers relied on a manual spreadsheet to track scheduling requests, balance schedulers’ load, and monitor follow-ups and re-schedules
  3. Schedulers were unable to cover for one another or edit an interview scheduled by a colleague
“Overall, [Rooster] has made a huge difference, we now have analytics for schedulers & interviewers, we can schedule a lot faster, back up coverage is seamless...”
Josie Twait
Talent Acquisition Analyst

The Business Impact

A seamless integration with MS teams automated the process of appending web-conference links


A marked increase in efficiency as all stakeholders involved automatically receive invitations, updates, and reminders


Rooster’s shared dashboard allows schedulers to cover for eachother, and detailed analytics allow managers to monitor performance and balance workloads

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