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How Rooster makes life easy?

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Multi-technology Capability

Mix and match your favorite email systems and web-conferencing applications at once.
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Deep 2-way Integration with Workday

Rooster communicates with Workday bi-directionally and in real time.
Rooster schedulers can send personalized emails

Global Recruiting

Rooster makes working with global teams and international candidates foolproof with international language support and automatic time zone detection and reconciliation.
candidate self scheduling tool

Candidate Self-Scheduling

Rooster eliminates the tedious back and forth by empowering the candidate
customizable email templates for interview

Customizable Templates

Personalized email templates allows schedulers to showcase the organization’s unique work culture and improve the candidate’s experience with standardized messaging.
easy rescheduling interview tool

Easy Rescheduling

Rescheduling with Rooster is hassle-free and straightforward, whether it’s initiated by the candidate or scheduler.
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Analytics & Insights

Actionable insights help identify bottlenecks to assist the talent team in making the hiring process more efficient. An easy-to-read visual dashboard gives instant visibility on schedulers,
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SMS Communication

Engage your interviewers and candidates via text messages. Send interview invitations
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Office 365 GCC/GovCloud Support

Rooster supports Microsoft Office 365 national clouds

Why did we build Rooster?

We understand that companies often juggle multiple platforms to manage the simple task of scheduling a candidate interview. Applicant Tracking Systems, email systems, video conferencing systems, and calendars are disjointed and never ‘in one place’. What if there was a simpler, comprehensive, and more consistent way to quickly schedule interviews between your hiring managers, teams, and prospective hires? You could then give valuable time back to your recruiting team, ensure a fantastic candidate experience, and seamlessly stay on top of each candidate’s interview status.

Rooster integrates with your daily tools

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automated scheduling software

Rooster, The Perfect Workday Hiring Companion

Hiring the best candidate begins with a seamless candidate process. This process is a reflection of your company culture and plays a vital role in getting a candidate’s stamp of approval. However, creating that process is anything but simple. Using multiple platforms to manage the simple task of scheduling a candidate interview is tedious, time consuming, and oftentimes, inaccurate.

Rooster was created to provide a simpler, more comprehensive and more consistent way to schedule interviews between the hiring team, managers, and prospective talent. Rooster saves time, promotes efficiency, and creates a fantastic candidate experience that leaves a great impression on the candidates you want to hire.

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