Say Goodbye to Manual Follow-ups—Automated Reminders are Here!

In a year where 69% of companies are reporting hiring shortages, it’s important for businesses to streamline and enhance their hiring process to secure top talent. When it comes to scheduling bottlenecks that slow down the recruitment process, the biggest culprits are delays in response times and inefficient communication. That’s why Rooster is thrilled to announce our newest feature release—drumroll please—automated reminders! 

With automated reminders, teams utilizing Rooster will be able to design a pre- and post-interview communication schedule that will help increase response rates and improve the candidate and interviewer experience. Schedulers can set as many reminders as they wish at whatever time intervals required to receive a response to their interview invitations, and to remind all stakeholders involved of an upcoming appointment. Types of reminders that can be set up include: 

  • Before interview
  • After interview
  • Awaiting the interviewer/candidate’s response

The audience isn’t just limited to the candidate and interviewer(s) either, schedulers can send/copy reminders to optional attendees, any role within the organization, and even CC themselves.

The goal is to:

  • Encourage quicker response times
  • Offer more streamlined communication capabilities
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Decrease the time spent on follow-ups for the scheduling team

Reclaim Time, Reduce Time to Hire, & Gain Better Feedback with Rooster Reminders

Rooster’s reminders have a few key features that allow teams to level up their interview process: 


Reminders are generated from easy-to-create templates that can be catered towards your company’s unique hiring process. Have your Human Resources and/or Marketing team craft clear messages and reminders that allow cohesive communication and branding. Hit save and you’re ready to send to your potential new hires! Templates are easy to replicate, edit, and delete. 

Highly Configurable

Reminders are highly configurable allowing users to design a schedule that works within the recruiting model. For example, if gathering interview feedback is an important step in the interview process then an “After Interview” reminder can be set to 10 mins post-interview to remind interviewers to complete the feedback questionnaire. On the other hand, if the hiring team struggles with a high number of no-shows or last minute cancellations, sending a “Before Interview” reminder at set intervals such as one week, one day, and on the day of the interview might negate this issue. 

Flexible Access

Reminders can be set at the tenant, scheduler, and interview levels depending on how standard or customized the hiring team wants reminders to be. Reminders locked at the tenant level are automatically applied to all interview invitations being sent, which is more of a one-and-done type of setting. Whereas reminders set at the scheduler and interview level are more flexible and can be customized at the scheduler’s discretion.

With Rooster’s user-friendly reminder capabilities, your team will be able to move the interview process along, without having to nurture it every step of the way.

Rooster is Ready to Help Your Team Streamline Your Hiring Process

Between Rooster’s new reminders feature and existing scheduling capabilities, recruiters can breathe a little easier with a to-do list that has been cut in half. Without the need for constant manual follow-ups throughout the interview process, the hiring team can focus on the more important task of attracting top talent and getting the right candidates through the door. Let’s reduce that time to hire and make your team more productive together, shall we? 

Want to see how Rooster can help your team streamline your hiring process? Request a demo with our team.

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