5 Current Trends Defining Talent Acquisition in 2022

Talent acquisition has been the top concern for many companies since 2020. The job market is more competitive than ever as candidates reevaluate what they’re looking for in terms of life and work. In fact, CNBC reported that just about 50% of Americans are looking for a new role this year. With that, many companies are intentionally focusing on how they can improve their recruiting and talent acquisition processes to connect on a deeper level. Many trends are emerging from this intentional, more personalized approach to talent acquisition, and we don’t think they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Here’s what we’re seeing:


Deploying Automation

With staffing shortages, automation has helped teams save time, money, and stay on track, despite skeleton crews doing the job of many. From ATS systems screening for specific factors to interview scheduling software to empower candidates and save recruiters time, if you’re not deploying automation throughout the talent acquisition process, you’re likely not operating as efficiently as you could be.


Perfecting the Candidate Experience

It’s no surprise that the better the candidate’s experience, the more likely top talent is to accept a role. Three-quarters of individuals said that a positive candidate experience during their hiring process had influenced their decision to accept the offer.

This could mean personalized communication rather than blanket emails sent to all candidates. Or perhaps it’s the ability to reschedule easily on their own via text when a current work emergency pops up. Maybe it’s a message right after the first interview giving an idea of the timeline and next steps so they know what to expect.

Ultimately, it’s making them feel valued and empowered from the get-go.


Incorporating DEI-Centric Language

In years past, writing a job description wasn’t analyzed for efficacy in many cases. It was simply to communicate the responsibilities. But, with a necessary push for more diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, many companies are realizing that that strategy does not serve them or their teams. If your job advertisements or postings aren’t intentionally written to speak to diverse applicants, you may be turning off top talent. 

So, many teams are changing up the way they craft their messaging when it comes to talent acquisition to be unbiased against gender, race, ability, or status. Monster.com has a great guide on how to do this if your organization hasn’t addressed this yet to enhance your talent acquisition strategy.


Hiring for Fit, Not Role

Since many jobs are open and so many individuals are looking for that perfect fit company, many businesses are re-evaluating core hiring values. One of these is hiring more for culture fit versus technical know-how. While hard skills and knowledge are highly important, they can be taught and finessed with mentorship and training. What can’t be taught is someone’s passion for the company’s mission, enthusiasm to be a part of the team, or zeal to learn new things. For that reason, you’ll find your most dependable and loyal employees in someone who fits culturally, not technically.


Focusing on Recruiter Experience

This also brings it back to automation. In a recent article by SHRM, Kristen DesPalmes, Director of Talent Attraction Strategy and Innovation at Bayada Home Health Care, shared, “…recruiters do not want to do administrative tasks, and we pay them a lot of money, so we don’t want them doing administrative tasks. There are things machines should do, and there are things recruiters should do.” Freeing up recruiters to focus on creating those candidate connections rather than admin tasks like back-and-forth scheduling communication that takes hours out of their day will lead to better hiring results.


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