Empowering Candidates in a Self-Service World

In today’s fast-paced world, patience isn’t a virtue many have. Instead, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. Hence the extreme shift to self-service technology in the past few years. Self-service tools like self-checkout at the grocery store or digital kiosks for bag checking at airports were adopted years ago. But the pandemic has increased the adoption of all digital self-service tools. Now, nearly ¾ of customers expect a company’s website to have self-service applications, and 40% prefer self-service over human interaction. So, how impressive would it make you if your company was one of the first to offer self-service interview scheduling technology? With Rooster, you can do just that.

Rooster Self-Service Interview Scheduling Features for Ultimate Efficiency

Our goal is to make the interview process simple for all stakeholders. And with the world moving toward this self-service model, we knew we had to incorporate it in our interview scheduling technology. A few factors that candidates (and interviewers) love are:

Self-Scheduling & Rescheduling

Life happens. Whether a candidate gets stuck on a strategy call with their current boss or has a family emergency, not all interviews will go as planned. Up to 30% of interviews tend to get postponed for some reason or another. Manual scheduling and rescheduling for that quantity of interviews is a lot of time lost. That’s why Rooster allows candidates to schedule and reschedule their interviews. No back-and-forth communication is required! Candidates can see an integrated calendar with the availability of their interviewers. It’s mobile-friendly, so they can either accomplish this on their phone on the go or on a desktop. They’ll receive a notification when their interviewer accepts the time. They can use this same capability to reschedule should something come up!

SMS Communication & Reminders

Next is SMS communication. People are attached to their phones these days. So when you give them the power to drive their interview experience from their phone, they’re going to appreciate that. Candidates can choose to receive interview reminders throughout the process to ensure they don’t miss a beat. And since 98% of texts are read within three minutes, you can ensure they feel ready and informed always!

This is just the beginning. We continue to develop new features based upon candidate feedback to ensure your company is beating out the competition for top talent!

Empower Your Candidates & Land Top Talent with Rooster

Rooster’s unique interview scheduling technology provides candidates with self-service capabilities with a human touch. Through embracing flexibility, technology, and the deployment of automated, personalized messages, you’ll be impressing your top talent every step of the interview process. In a candidate-driven landscape, this is key. Schedule a customized demo to experience firsthand how your candidates can interact with your company throughout the interview process.

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